Access Tokens

Access tokens are required for native API and REST API calls. An access token identifies both the project and the rights that are allowed.

To manage access tokens, login to your account and go here.

You can specify access right for each access token. They are:
PushThis is needed if the app is tracking data. For example, to log an event from an app would require push access.
QueryThis allows the app to query data from the project. For example, a business intelligence dashboard would require query access.
It is required that all API calls using access tokens are called over https. This ensures the access token, call and results are encrypted during transit. If you attempt to make an API call on a non-secure protocol, you will get the following warning:

The API requires the usage of the https protocol. By calling this api on an unsecure request, you may have exposed your access token. Please revoke the access token used and only issue secure requests to this API.