DMP supports REST calls to populate and retrieve data. REST stands for Representational State Transfer, and can be thought of as an HTTP-based API. A REST API is a set of operations that can be invoked using the actual URI as parameters for your operations.

IMPORTANT: The REST APIs should be used outside the JavaScript API or in apps that do not have a native API.

For example there is a method to get available entities and attributes:

For security purposes, it is required that the HTTPS protocol is used for all REST calls.

Authentication of REST calls

The REST API requires the use of an access token on most calls, which identifies the project of the call and acts as a password for the call.

A project can have multiple access tokens, each one having different access rights.  Access tokens can have push access for recording data, and query access for reading data. Access tokens can be revoked by the account owner at any time.

REST API calls are required to use the HTTPS protocol.  By using HTTPS, the information passed to the call is encrypted.

To generate an access token for a project, go to the 'Manage Projects' menu item and click on the 'Access Tokens' button.