You can collect data on websites and apps by utilizing the techniques detailed in this section. Once data collection is setup, you will automatically see the results in the reports. Websites and apps track different data. Websites generally track sessions, pageviews and events, where apps track sessions and events. Websites also track web-based data, like referrers, search engine referrals and browsers.

A websites and app can be the same project. For example, you may want to track events across a website and an app. Also, if you identify a user on a website and an app, you can track user data across devices.

Data Categories Tracked:

Sessions are defined as:
  • A new user visits your app or site.
  • 30 minutes elapses from the user's last interaction.
  • For web tracking, the user re-enters the site or app from a different source (campaign, referrer, or search engine)
  • An event is an activity performed by a user, like 'App Launch', or 'Signup'. Events are tracked via JavaScript or API calls. Events can track any extra data. For example, a signup event can also pass in the user's name and other info.
    For web tracking, pageviews and page navigation can be tracked.
    Users are visitors to your website or app.
    A person is a known user, which means you have identified the user with the 'setPerson' API call. Generally, a person is known to you when they log in or identify themselves in some other way. People can be tracked across devices, however, users cannot be.
    Tracking records data called 'attributes'. We collect a large number of attributes per session and these can be reported on immediately. Attributes can be either elements or metrics:

    Definitions of attribute types:

    A generic term for either an element or a metric. Attributes are also known as 'fields' or 'properties'. Example attributes are 'sessions' and 'platform'.
    An attribute (generally a string or date) that reports can be grouped on. For example, 'Event Name' or 'Campaign'.
    A numeric attribute that can have summary operations computed on, like totals, averages, etc. For example, 'Average Session Length'.

    Hybrid Website and App Projects

    Each project can track both website and/or app data.  For a website, use our Website Tracking API.  To track data on a mobile app, or any application, you can use one of our native APIs or our REST API.

    To track combined web and app data, just make sure the website's tracking script and the app's API key come from the same project.  You can get both from the Setup / Projects menu item.